Emergency Plumbing Repair at Its Finest

Are you looking for a specialist who can do emergency plumbing repair?

You may have scoured the web for plumbers in Everett, WA with excellent reviews, but it seems that you cannot find one. Fret not because Pro Flow Plumbing & Sewers is here to save the day. We are considered as one of the most preferred local plumbing repair service providers in Everett, WA by super moms. If you are wondering how we managed to do that, you should pay close attention to what our local plumbing contractor has to say.

PVC Pipe – Are you aware that PVC pipe is the preferred plumbing material for drainage lines? This has been the case for the last four decades, especially since it is one of the most durable piping materials available. Several industrial studies have shown that it can last for more than a hundred years. To make sure that your drainage lines will last for a very long time, our local plumbing contractor can help you in maintaining your plumbing system.

Our first step would be to make measurements so that the replacement pipe will perfectly fit the drainage line. We will cut the new PVC pipe with the use of a PVC saw or a hacksaw. If there is a need to make perpendicular cuts, we would use a miter box. This will ensure that the cut is correctly done. Then we will clean the edge of the PVC pipe by scraping it inside and out.

Copper Pipes – Due to its durability, copper pipes are considered as the preferred plumbing material for water supply lines. But since they are made of metal, they are vulnerable to corrosion. So our first step would be to shut the water off. With the use of a tubing cutter, we would cut the damaged copper pipe. We can give a hundred percent assurance that we will only use lead-free solder and flux paste.

So if you need a specialist in Everett, WA to do emergency plumbing repair work, you should immediately seek expert help from Pro Flow Plumbing & Sewers. We are more than happy to resolve your plumbing issues. All you need to do is call us at (425) 243-9566, and we will do the rest. Schedule a local plumbing repair service and be amazed by the infallible outcome of our excellent work!

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